Shark Girls

Hi. This is the Shark Girls. Here is a little bit about us: we were average girls, being nice, having fun, you know girl related things. Then one day it hit us, BAM! We were hit by the helpful. We both loved sharks, and were not afraid to stand up for what we believed in. We got organized, made a website, and now here we are! Thanks for listening.

Save the Sharks!

Hello. This is the shark girls, again. Let's tell you about the reason we are raising money for the Shark Research Institute. We are raising money for them because we believe that everything on earth needs to live in peace and health. Who cares if they might hurt you or if they look scary. Naturally, everyone and everything will look scary at a time because they are just trying to scare you away. Nobody ever will try to hurt you on purpose. People and animals just try to protect themselves and their family.

History of project

In this part you can describe the project's history and give reasons for its creation. It is convinient to mention project milestones and honor participating people.