Stop Finning Sharks

08/24/2012 15:50

Have you ever wondered what happens with sharks after they're finned?

We don't even know where to start. Sharks are being finned all over the world but it's slowly being outlawed. Even though this is being put to a stop, we've got to make these wants and hopes possible: to help sharks. Like we said sharks are being fished and finned for food and it's not right. After sharks get finned, they are thrown back into the ocean and left to die becuase they can't swim away and they can't breathe. People fin sharks because they think that they are saving people from getting attacked but really, they are single-handedly destorying our ocean's ecosystem because sharks keep our oceans alive, keep the population of seals and sea lions, and they keep the food chain running smoothly. 

Prehistoric Sharks 101

06/22/2012 21:11

Sharks have been around since the dinosaur age and even before that! Scientists have been finding fossils of these weird sharks and studying them to figure out what they looked like. One prehistoric shark is the megalodon and their teeth are bigger than the ones found in even the biggest great white shark. They ruled the oceans for a couple of millions of years. Their jaws are so huge that an average man is smaller than it! I wonder how big they actually were, what they ate and if they were very aggressive? Look at this website.



Make a Difference

05/20/2012 10:20

There are so many people in this world that help the environment and the economy. To name a few, I would like to start with The Vista Valley Country Club. The local women who play golf there, play for charity. You can read more about this article at Do you know what's funny, I actually started this when I was reading a news article there. It was about an eight year-old girl who was raising money for Rady Children's Hospital. She had a pattle out at the beach. It got me very interested in helping the community. When you do something helpful, it inspires people to do it, too. Let's make the world a better place while we can.

Just a few things about sharks

05/19/2012 19:16

First of all because the way movies portray them. They portray these creatures as being man-eating and dangerous. This makes me sad because that is not true at all. When we enter the ocean, we are entering their home, so they think that we are dangerous and strange. There are so many things we don't know about them and their behavior. If sharks ever went extinct, the whole ocean would be thrown off balance. The sharks help manage the seal population so we don't have millions of seals and they also help the ocean's ecosystem. Did you know that the chance of a shark attack is very rare? If you are interested about sharks and their behavior, come to the Shark Girls fundraiser for The Shark Research Institution. 

Thanks for reading this blog post!

Shark Girls:)