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08/27/2012 17:34
Sharks might have been around for over 450 million years; that means they're older than dinasoars! A Great White sharks's tooth is nothing compared to a Megaladon's tooth. Fact or Fiction?                 Sharks are made up of bones big and...

Stop Finning Sharks

08/24/2012 15:50
Have you ever wondered what happens with sharks after they're finned? We don't even know where to start. Sharks are being finned all over the world but it's slowly being outlawed. Even though this is being put to a stop, we've got to make these wants and hopes possible: to help sharks....

Prehistoric Sharks 101

06/22/2012 21:11
Sharks have been around since the dinosaur age and even before that! Scientists have been finding fossils of these weird sharks and studying them to figure out what they looked like. One prehistoric shark is the megalodon and their teeth are bigger than the ones found in even the biggest great...

Stop Finning Sharks

05/20/2012 19:26
Hi again! Lately, Japanese people have been finning sharks for soup. I think that is just wrong! Why would you want to kill an animal for food- oh wait, that's what I do! Sharks are sharks, though. It's not like the people who slaughter the meat want them to suffer, it's just protein! Sharks,...

Make a Difference

05/20/2012 10:20
There are so many people in this world that help the environment and the economy. To name a few, I would like to start with The Vista Valley Country Club. The local women who play golf there, play for charity. You can read more about this article at Do you know what's funny,...


05/20/2012 01:29
Hello. It's the Shark Girls again! We will be having a fundraiser to raise money for the Shark Research Institute, as you know. Any ages may come. Kids, tell your parents about this fundraiser. Parents take your kids to the fair to learn all about sharks. There will be a donations table. We ask...

New event

05/20/2012 01:28
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Just a few things about sharks

05/19/2012 19:16
First of all because the way movies portray them. They portray these creatures as being man-eating and dangerous. This makes me sad because that is not true at all. When we enter the ocean, we are entering their home, so they think that we are dangerous and strange. There are so many things we...
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